Shaanxi Jingtian Huowao Industry Development Co., Ltd

About Us
The company has been built in Titanium Valley Baoji in 2014 whose president is Mr.Cheng Liyong. It is a subsidiary of group companies,Website:, which specializes in producing and trading of nonferrous metal, including titanium, aluminium , niobium as well as alloy. There is standard office building and working factory, so we can offer you the best service and products.
Products and services
Grade2 ASTM B265 Titanium sheet, Grade5 Titanium alloy 6Al4V, Grade7 Pd titanium alloy sheet, Titanium 15333, Grade23 6AL-4V ELI Titanium, Grade5 6Al4V Titanium round bar, Titanium Gr5 Hex Bar, Gr5 Titanium Bar flat bar, Custom Gr5 Titanium machined parts, Ti 6AL7Nb medical Bar, Titanium wire Grade1(99.5%) 99.5% Titanium wire Grade1, Ti Grade5 6Al-4V ELI wire, Grade2 Titanium spool wire, Seamless grade 2 titanium tube, Titanium Grade2 welded tubes, Gr5 Titanium hex nuts, Gr2 Titanium Hex bolt, Grade5 Titanium flat washers, Grade2 titanium weld elbows, Titanium forged weld equal tee, Titanium concentric reducer, Nitinol memory plate, Nickel-titanium Memory Alloy wire, Nitinol Superelastic wire, Gr2 Titanium tube target, Titanium plate target, Titanium Sputtering coating round Target, Niobium tube target, Tantalum spuutering target, Molybdenum sputtering target, Platinized Titanium anodes, Titanium anodes for electroplating, Titanium anodes for sewage treatment, Titanium anode for swimming pool disinfection, Ir Rb titanium anode, Ruthenium coated titanium anode, Platinum coated titanium anode, Gr2 Titanium machined parts, Gr7 Titanium machined parts, Fashion Titanium wedding ring, Titanium Cultery camping tableware, Aluminium machined parts, Aluminium foil, high purity Tungsten wire, pure Tungsten evaporation boat, high quality Molybdenum rod, Molybdenum wire for EDM cut machine, Tantalum mesh, Tantalum rod, Niobium pipe, Niobium wire, High quality pure Nickel sheet, Hastelloy C-276.